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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
WOW, August was such a great month, and looks to me like we are starting to get back TO THE BASICS.

We had a great time with the Hot August Nights with the music and socializing with all who made this a success, Thank you. I want to thank all the members who continue to support the Fernley Lodge and giving their time volunteering, this is what it takes to keep our doors open.

September: We are starting out by coming off a 3 day weekend and going to Reno to the 81st CA-NV Moose Association Convention starting on the 4th and finishing up on the 7th . For Those of you who haven’t been to a Moose Convention this is as close as it gets and for those who have, this is the perfect time to show our Lodge off. You can meet and make some new Friends from other Lodges and invite them out to The Great Black Hat Lodge in Fernley . Hope to see you there.

Our Resident Chef will be doing Breakfast on Sundays with the exception on the 28th . The WOTM will have some Sweet Rolls to go along with your coffee before going up to the District Meeting at Tahoe.

Monday’s we have the King of Clubs drawings along with something to eat, Don’t forget Football is starting and you won’t want to miss the game because you got to go home and cook when you can go home get your other Half and she can join you in the fun and fill Her tummy and socialize.

The LOOM Meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Joint Officer at 6pm on the 3rd Tuesday with the LOOM Officers to follow.

The WOTM Chapter meets 2nd and 4th Thursday at 6pm. Audit is on the 1st Thursday with the Officers meeting following the first chapter meeting of the month. Friday the 12th and 19th the WTOM will be doing POT LUCK on the 12th and Ham on 19th .
The 26th Earl is doing a Famous Chicken Dinner by Bonnie. The Blue & Gold will meet at 3:30 pm on the 13th with dinner to follow.

On the 20th Larry and I will be doing another fund raiser for the Convention travel and expenses of our Governor and Administrator. We will be serving SHISH-ka-Bob from the Bar-B Q come on down. Nashville is just a few months away. The WOTM will be serving dinner on the 27th.

The time has come for you to get rid of your useable unwanted stuff around the house. You can donate your unwanted useable items to the lodge for our yard sale on the 20th. Please no junk and no clothing. Remember it is all about getting BACK TO BASICS and we can make this our best year ever.

Fraternally, Dave
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Administrator's Message
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Thanks to those who helped with the Prime Rib Dinner flyer
that we put out last month. It was early in the morning (9:15 AM) when a couple showed up at the office to fold a letter. What letter I asked? The one about the Prime Rib Dinner. Oh, that one! It hasn’t been printed yet, no sealing strips are ready and the labels have to be printed. What time was this to happen? 9:30 was the reply. Just one other little problem. We were not sure what the Post Office would require in the way of sealing tabs so that had to be checked out before we
could start folding the letter. It’s not starting out to look like a good day but it did all come together and 203 copies were in the Post Office before lunch time.
Thanks to Stacy and Jim Lind who donated the postage and helped fold as did Dave Woods, James Haas, and Cary Cosens.

This dinner was donated by Dave Woods and the proceeds will go toward the
expenses of our delegates to the Convention to be held in Nashville next year,
July 3-7. The yard sale proceeds will also go to that fund.

The General Laws states that the Governor and Administrator, by virtue of the office, shall be delegates to the International Convention, association
conferences, conventions and district meetings.

THANKS TO: Jeanne Fahl for cleaning the meeting room without any help from
other members. Where were they? Thanks Jeanne, it looks nice.

To all Members: The articles in this publications are not limited to just the
officers and committee people. If you have an article that relates to the well being of our lodge, and is in good taste, send it to our email address shown on page 13. There is no assurance that it will be printed as it will be subject to editing and available space but it will be considered. All submissions from members must be signed.
Governor's Message
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Recorder's Message
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