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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yep it’s Fall,
This summer has been hot but I think we have made great strides getting BACK TO BASICS . We still need to get out and talk to all our members that we have not seen in a long time, tell them they are missed and see if there is something we can do to get them back. Remember, sponsoring a new member is just the beginning of our obligation and keep them interested and informed of the upcoming activities when you talk to them just in case they misplaced their calendar.

I want to get back to August 30th to thank all of you for the support for our fund raiser and give a special THANK YOU TO ALL Who Helped in the kitchen and getting the food served. We could not have done this without this great team . September was just as challenging but again you all came through and our Fundraisers were a success. Thanks goes out to all again. We can’t do these things without team work together so let’s make our team even BIGGER by getting BACK TO BASICS.

We are Celebrating Our 18th Birthday this year on the 12th with the Lodge Birthday Party on the 18th. Hope. to see us having standing room only . This is a great time to bring a friend and introduce them and make them a potential member.

On Sundays We have a great Breakfast Sunday the 19th is the District Meeting in Fernley with Breakfast served by the Moose Legion. Norm will be putting food on the table Monday evenings along with the King of Clubs . Speaking of that, congratulations to that guy we Call Jack for Drawing the King and taking it home. Don’t worry though there will be another game to play.

The LOOM Officers Meet on the 14th at 6PM with the General to follow at 6:30PM. Just thought I would mention the general meeting is for all the LOOM members. Joint Officers meeting on the 21st at 6pm.
The WOTM audit is on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30pm.The Chapter meetings 9th and 23rd with officers following the meeting on the 9th .
There will be different varieties of food on Fridays ,the LOOM will have Hor D’oeuvres on the 31st . The Kids Halloween Party will be on the 1st of November from 1:00 –3:00 pm.
Let's all remember to Get Back To Basics and make this our best year ever.
Fraternally, Dave
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Administrator's Message
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Congratulations to Joe Rigazio who was elected Treasurer of our California/Nevada Moose
Association at our Convention in Reno last month.
Best wishes, Joe.

On the 12th our lodge will be 18 years old. Other notable birthdays this month will be the great State of Nevada. October 31st is the official day which will be celebrated with a parade in Las Vegas while up north a parade in Carson City will be on Saturday,
November 1st. This will mark 150 years since we became a state.

For you Charter members, you might like to reminisce by reading the article on page 10. We’ll bet this brings back some names that haven’t came to mind in a long, long time. Below are the names that are shown on our original charter:

Chris Mallars Darrell Farris Barry Newpher
Dion O’Tool Dale Giboney Albert Polfus
Ron Bowen Randall Giles Karl Potetz
Robert Graham Jimmie Gray Harry Reedy
Stanley Shaw Craig Harrison Roger Roberts
Harry Flodman Orville Hendrickson Johnny Rosales
Robert Lynch Dale Huls Morris Royels
Earl Karr Jack Hutchison Kelly Smith
Gordon Lewis Robert Jakway Randy Smith
Wayne Algarva Duane Johnson Richard Smith
Glenn Bennett Othello Jones, Jr. Charles Spires
Mark Souza Berkeley Kent Ron Steed
John Allen Robert Lee Allen Stout
Steven Anderson Walter Mace Troy Titsworth
Keith Brown Emery McCarroll Warren Walker
Leonard Bugarin Jim McKinnon Richard Webb
Robert Doiel Brian Mellor Ken Wilson
Ronald Douglas Norman Newmen, Sr. James Wright
Greg Ackerman Clark Bannister Bill Broderson
Tony Christensen Johnny Collier Cary Fields
Lee Gaither Vern Gustafson Delvin Henry
Jake Kanalulu Stan Kurezodyna Dave Macleod
Mike Martin Frank Patrick Dennis Regan
Robert Stretch Mike Thomas

Makes you wonder where they all are?

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